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Old 11-26-2009, 02:02 PM
benito benito is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 685

Originally Posted by berry001 View Post
This lic is version 8.1
I dont think:

VendorID = 40ED
Vendor info =
Feature name = Projet3Dcpl
Feature vers =
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Old 11-26-2009, 02:44 PM
jimy_le_saint jimy_le_saint is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 2
Default Slmdec

Thank's a lot my freind.
Can you repete this oprtation for this line?

E3B5XRA4YATH3XLVVIUV9KKV2NLCJF8MEE67NO9WI6# "Projet3Drdr" version "", no expiration date, additive, 4-16FF8
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Old 11-26-2009, 02:59 PM
benito benito is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 685

VID is the same as previous and feature name you have in plain text in license string.
Vendor info and feture version are empty.
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Old 11-29-2009, 04:43 AM
cyfjkf cyfjkf is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 5
Default re decoding vendor id

hi, Bfox:
i use the vendor id 0x4861 with undongled wlscgen.exe 7.x which the vendor id has changed to 0x4861,but it can not give correct license(error: different vendor). here i paste the whole demo lic and please help me to give the correct vendor id:

*B 5jj7ovBbZcj3MEGavzgmVYyzlue7izrpLXifrGyj2w3eBTgrTj IfAxI8v5qMfwAgfYcVf1JxqhERbjQOl,whPifeq4oh:6KHapR8 Cc,CT7BsVLm:lnYT9XCHLSoZf25CeYVE# "EDEMAcademicCore" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B 3wLCkSKXYKXWi7gc8v3QVZJ9KeoCkxKexve27qrwimLE00eIBG Cddd1Tk4vO5qiOfMNzBA3rq2B74Zo9WFAJk,3YD0xrdsRw96gP jJdy37oJLOQfoJcYnIwVJz86JbmIeB3E# "EDEMAcademicCPU" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B fHx38DhSl:wiONuzi14OL0NIEdtSSwE1d8vqSULnlYftf5XENl 5ES8BWTQL5rMJh3mixYngS2CfEsqlc7fLFRzf9,yGM4rwJgOv7 YvfK0jrCfjV3P6rVKedwR:1GOsOUy83h# "EDEMDefaultCAD" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B KHI6vVM,FVb:FAqqtD7oLx1SAjeI0mVboyBmFn2F9VfRobeSpk O4q7cxGwSpDFdcVfOGYhINM8doDjl03hgn4JfcE93fc9uSmYai CbLIq1573Y3EZ4aWgaincyAzJoPPxRVX# "EDEMElectrostatics" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B S4SmDYTcyn0hNKJ24NWgLnIT3o8xVyHUKLIPYdDRf8H6ER45 3zs7LRVpVEEc19fOMb3mo:OIykL7CQrTt2h5LVkYmflMm4tlz4 vWQ4DAOG3WkEGSbfklcR85F7IxLBTCLB# "EDEMExtendedAPI" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B FevgisqFzG5z42dHO56Q3Q6LBPnaaGZW6kcNS7GVO43HtQaq2J 3YZ,MsIX2dh1oe3PUjDD:lp53IKbiDQozNFEL:1qBHhgg4FUf: ,iHkCbv2VZ:UGUKQqxyH5bxhU9dmz5VG# "EDEMFluent" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B tTAt8kfwDhHdkg,kKs2gf2BIB:VRHkGX:Zt4Hr8CkWfY1Ge9sP VzexWvizL81Zy53tF4kw2:GQtMnorOrIF,7HVaa7Rm8Qra:dwJ yuY,7pONVfMuz9m:JJ02AuZVku:8z13Q# "EDEMHeatTransfer" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B f3olOWITStNJMcKgDEETLH86jsYfA4CUKeRchms0FsLJgDEqEW ciHiHH,9Fjuqvcfo,cFb8H4HjAjs04KXPbbCf9BEwRdxdSbOH0 Iw54sFZSVUNYSLat9reCIxdaJ2vAcxVL# "EDEMMesh" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive
*B ow0n0vGm5OxfYZxDdudfLSwcGvv11AXI1Bi5yII4mVLpvRtQHa LWT,v9KEZ02Ej8Vt,q3MlR6pcLkrrtzFr5iVVdv:,L8:svnhsV C4GnwS6EVa0SZWTt9PN5lcYn6a:6La3M# "EDEMProE" version "2.0", expires Midnight of Dec 4, 2009, additive

thank you in advance
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Old 11-29-2009, 04:50 AM
cyfjkf cyfjkf is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 5
Question about license decode 1.3

i use it to decode vendor id, some it can be ,some it can be not. i don't know why. and it also cannot recognize 8.0.x formated license.

thanks a lot
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Old 11-29-2009, 05:00 AM
benito benito is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 685

this license is in format v8.1. Even if you will get from fox correct VID you need slm sdk >=v8.1
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Old 01-04-2010, 09:08 PM
Element Element is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 5


i have this file of license.dat for flexlm

FEATURE webserver dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 32F55497638F    DUP_GROUP=UD SIGN="0E5B 140A 8AB5 FA38 D8D1 9AC1 578B 30A8    1387 75CF 3E0D E820 E271 4F37 AEC6 1B8A A57D 6D4D 3189 EC10    CDE4 052D E0E4 8888 D859 6EF7 4348 5787 8811 28E6" SIGN2="08CD    9636 A31C D46A B543 AA02 250C 302A 53B2 D437 95C3 F2FE F231    860E B8B3 0DC7 0622 E9CE CC9E F9CF 98C8 25B5 925A 4E77 1CF6    C18C 5D4F E2D5 0CD5 5214"
FEATURE sds2 dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 8EEB30E9CF06 DUP_GROUP=UD    SIGN="0F9C 4CA8 F49B D21E F5C9 D406 C0B1 1FC9 FBD6 F42F C114    BE91 26E5 8338 E069 1378 4A2E 453A ED86 CB1B 1860 CE71 AB2B    1F0A 0A9A 0661 EF97 98DA 5034 920B" SIGN2="0572 D5FB 9625 23A5    CD23 13AA 8F24 B391 1075 CB69 34BF BF25 6E66 6A7D F0E6 126B    ECA4 B385 5368 C0C8 4820 6F0B 9C8C FAB7 FBFA 17C2 8819 C2F5    BB64 B8D4"
FEATURE model_link dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 9D12C75A9AC0    DUP_GROUP=UD SIGN="16FD B1D1 B9DB A741 0518 695E C49C 98FD    5072 98D4 B5FE 3F92 1DC7 9BCF AD21 10D6 14D1 8A75 9DAF C256    BEA0 AABC B97A C1D6 827A AAE6 762E BDFA 8724 5DE0" SIGN2="1653    1131 760C 0291 D0FB 7D19 7D44 308D F9A9 CB63 5631 042A 7138    8E1B 1BEF 1698 5B7B D08B BFE6 07B9 F7AF 9091 AFC5 B23F BD3A    6FCD B1A6 7ED3 846C 402A"
FEATURE dxf dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 5492D2FDB6A0 DUP_GROUP=UD    SIGN="01D7 989E 529F B848 0AED C0A6 51F8 AEF2 EEEE 06E4 D50B    2C0A C200 DD1F D740 0FED 8311 B234 721C EE09 491B C2D0 866C    99F3 3195 54DC 5E77 EAD4 1902 5AF2" SIGN2="1848 59B6 BB2B F490    5279 35E6 3D9C F9AE 4C2C 2F10 61D6 9FA9 96ED 9EEC               5593 1736         5593 1736    1C47 01AE 00B8 09B0 9D34 191C 3AD4 33E9 4909 D561 AA43 044F    B570 174D"
FEATURE dstv dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 68F97A910EBC DUP_GROUP=UD    SIGN="1BBD C6A9 8F9D B2EB FE59 90AA FD91 A245 239C 824D C6CA    4C06 B2D5 B08C 4940 0437 7106 8DDB 9BE7 CD97 4C39 831A CE21    7A51 C49A 01A7 4398 275F E7FF 0A1B" SIGN2="1F74 19AF 199B 3E7F    F6BD 1498 7621 398B 895A 896E A66D DC5D 7ADB 4057 F75B 0F0E    734C 8B71 67DC 8919 4D6D E9BB 6E43 1752 A644 ADF4 29EB 2D14    C425 F90F"
FEATURE detailing dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 F7D1F8EC96DD    DUP_GROUP=UD SIGN="1E05 92A2 0360 8F6B DF6A 9344 2DE5 1127    AD45 267A DA69 607A 4D0F 44D3 CE46 18F8 C912 B774 9F5E 8C67    187B 6EB0 0A3D DE0C E8A8 3F54 6F5C 2138 B539 E661" SIGN2="14CD    627E A891 A495 40A5 C9B0 5A1B 8F53 E751 3C3E F949 42D1 1E2C    DC90 1CA1 0F1C 889B 354C E267 DF2A 866D 0CAB 8B7F 0A1A 642C    269F A19F C3A6 6171 2D12"
FEATURE design_link dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 96998E5FD363    DUP_GROUP=UD SIGN="046E 6ED5 97C5 A3C9 81F1 D2BF E593 D714    0D2B BD3A 3EF3 D933 4320 35F0 1353 15AA 911A 9992 EA78 5AC4    196D F058 EBD1 103E 53EF 752E 4775 8284 500A 4719" SIGN2="1D51    373B 540E F0BD F353 46E9 E97B E907 147F 11BB CA67 8E54 8C0B    8254 FB6E 0DDB 535A 1AE5 2B40 AE4B C9D2 4ECE B7E4 C719 A7F3    92E3 E963 F964 5445 1641"
FEATURE cnc dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 48CBB214C31A DUP_GROUP=UD    SIGN="1866 18C8 2A3C 9473 143A 4E82 F207 2844 77A6 1C5E FBAA    3C5C 7BD3 7896 201B 0AAB 43D5 D7A9 43D3 5BBF 4D77 00A1 74C0    6CF2 4E48 6088 8A34 5D4A 6003 1D9D" SIGN2="07F0 BD8F 249F 8727    C660 6A12 608D 4B7D 4422 32FC B4F6 2A74 EDEA E286 F290 06F4    E980 7CF7 4D51 C5FD B5A5 B980 A41A C6A5 FF5C 566A 9E6F F7E4    BD87 478C"
FEATURE bif dsndata 7.299 05-jan-2010 11 0CCB387AC012 DUP_GROUP=UD    SIGN="1A4F 36B7 E06E BD10 0824 8919 E5E9 0D8D 1A1E 9AA8 BAA1    7465 295F 59A6 2746 1DA1 1349 A76E 795F F8F1 321C 1D81 C700    FC0D D9D1 3C22 D596 66C7 C3EB A9F4" SIGN2="1647 5E5E 4266 DA45    B46F 8DD2 1DD9 12DD 1F10 5BCC C95E AD37 08B2 0FEE A031 1FBA    9EC7 18BE E044 E93B 43BE 4C72 0D5E B477 E46F 816C 9187 3AFD    1D07 5F4D"
how i can enlarge the time limit of this license?
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Old 01-04-2010, 10:46 PM
rooky2000 rooky2000 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 41

The info used for SentinelRMS is easy to get with demo lic,But the SDK vesion 8.1 or over is hard to find.........
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Old 01-05-2010, 03:24 AM
BfoX BfoX is offline
Senior Member
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@Element: you have a long SIGN/SIGN2 license. Only patch possible...

@cyfjkf: for first line
* Feature name : EDEMAcademicCore
* Feature vers : 2.0
* Vendor ID : 0x4681
* Num Secrets : 0
* Vendor info is empty
Server lock at 0x7A107
... Either you work well or you work much ....

Last edited by BfoX : 01-05-2010 at 03:26 AM.
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Old 02-25-2010, 03:14 AM
kiki kiki is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 186
Default slm challenge-response

i'm pretty sure i've catch _LSRequest function
searching and reading slm challenge response secret.....

today i beat the secret

Last edited by kiki : 03-02-2010 at 12:23 PM. Reason: update
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